Booking conditions

Engine Room Hall Hire Short Term Hire Agreement            

St Francis at the Engine Room, Unit A Lebus Street, Hale Village, Tottenham, N17 9FU

0208 808 5490 or 07957 193922

Monday – Friday 9.30am – 5.00pm

Emergency Contact Numbers:

Andrew Williams                       07761 306536
Andrew Johnston                      07957 193922

Hall Hiring Agreement

The Engine Room, Unit A, Eagle Heights, Lebus Street, Tottenham N17 9FU

Facilities for hire:  

Large Hall: 134m² (100 people)

Small Hall: 65m² (50 people) 

Learning Workshop  34m² (15-20 people)

Domestic (community) kitchen can be included at no cost in hire on request if available.


The Engine Room (hereinafter ‘The Halls’) are managed by the Parochial Church Council (PCC) of St Francis Church at the Engine Room, which acts as Managing Trustee, having day to day control of and responsibility for the buildings. The London Diocesan Fund is Custodian Trustee. 

The Engine Room is a Registered Charity, No: 1157480 bound by the Charities Acts 1993 and 2000.

The Engine Room reserves the right to refuse any application for use of the Halls or any part thereof without stating a reason.

Persons under the age of 18 are not permitted to hire any of the Halls.

In case of any omission or mis-statement on the application form, the booking may be cancelled by the Priest Missioner acting on behalf of the Engine Room at any time, and any charges paid shall be forfeited.



Between the Engine Room/St Francis at the Engine Room, Eagle Heights, Lebus Street,  Tottenham (“the Engine Room”) and the Person(s) or Body named below (“the Hirer”).

Whereby in consideration of the sum(s) mentioned in row 4 of the Table below 

A: THE ENGINE ROOM agreed to permit the Hirer to use the premises or parts(s) of the premises designated in row 3 of the table below for the purposes and period(s) and at the hiring fee specified below.

B: THE HIRER agrees to observe the provisions and stipulations contained or referred to in the Engine Room’s Conditions of Hire for the time being in force and as annexed hereto and in such rules (if any) governing the use of the premises (“the Rules”) and as the Engine Room may for the time being impose and of which the Hirer has been notified.

C: THE HIRER agrees to read and take all reasonable steps to follow and implement the health and safety policy, which is annexed hereto


!!!!   KEY FACTS  !!!!

*      PLEASE ensure you leave the hall as you found it. You should allow at least 30 minutes 
         within your hire period for cleaning and ensuring the space is left just as you found it. 

*     Hiring The Engine Room is possible until 10.00pm. However all music must stop at        9.30pm as we are in a residential area. We have residents above the venue so the        maximum volume allowed is 90 dcb which will be measured and monitored by Engine Room staff.

*     Hirers are responsible for their guests and as such any misbehaviour or excessive numbers of guests may result in events being stopped by Engine Room staff and/or deposits not being returned. Parking is payable at Hale Village 24 hours a day. INTIMIDATION of Engine Room or Hale Village staff by guests will not be tolerated. The police will be called. Events will be terminated immediately if such incidents occur. The Community Centre and Hale Village are comprehensively covered by CCTV. 

*     We are in a residential area so noise outside the building must be kept to a minimum. 
         Once your event ends groups must not remain on Hale Village, around pavements or the 
         car park area. If noise complaints are received hirer’s deposits will not be returned.

*     All cleaning and tidying including of external areas must be completed by the hirer by the end of the hire period. No electrical catering equipment should be brought onto the premises including drinks machines or chip fryers should be used anywhere on the premises at any time.

*     Please do not attach anything to the walls or floors using sellotape or blutac as this leaves 
       permanent marks.

*      No religious worship of any kind may take place in the Engine Room centre hire spaces 
       unless sponsored and agreed by The Engine Room.

*     No event should be publicised on social media e.g. snap chat (except for Engine Room Community events) without permission from The Engine Room as this can lead to  
         excessive numbers and causes a higher risk. All attendees must be known to the hirer.

*      You should always have signed the contract at least a week before the event hire and returned to The Engine Room. Even if not signed, the conditions set out in the enclosed    document are considered binding.

Full Terms and Conditions

  1. Terms: Whichever hall is hired, the same conditions apply. The word “hall” is used to refer to the hall being hired and the ancillary rooms, such as kitchens, toilets and circulation spaces, which go with the use of the hall. 
  2. The hirer shall pay at the time of making a booking a Damage Deposit of £100.00. Deposits are required AT THE TIME OF BOOKING. Such deposit shall only be refundable to the hirer in the event of the Engine Room cancelling the booking. The Engine Room reserves the right to cancel the booking if exceptional unforeseen circumstances arise. In the event of the Engine Room cancelling the booking all fees (including the deposit) paid by the Hirer shall be refunded; but the Engine Room is not to be held responsible for any other costs incurred by the Hirer or for any compensation to the hirer or to third parties as a result of the cancellation.
  3. The hirer shall pay the balance of fees TWO WEEKS PRIOR TO the booking, by either cash or direct bank transfer. Details of our bank account can be found on the booking invoice. If payment is made by cheque, funds must have cleared into the Engine Room’s account TWO WEEKS PRIOR to the booking. If the Hirer wishes to cancel the booking or reduce the hours booked and the Engine Room is unable to arrange a replacement booking, the Engine Room may at its absolute discretion refund the fees (less the Booking Deposit) but shall be under no obligation to do so. In the event of the Engine Room cancelling the booking all fees (including the Booking Deposit) paid by the hirer shall be refunded. 30 minutes free set up time is allowed for setting up the event, prior to the agreed start time that the premises is hiredAll clearing up must be completed by the end of the hire period.
  4. The hirer shall ensure that the Rules governing the use of the premises as set out below are complied with. 
  5. The hirer shall be responsible for supervision and security of the hall, protection of the fabric and contents from damage, and the behaviour of all persons using the hall, including proper supervision of car parking arrangements (if any) so as to avoid obstruction of the highway. Sellotape or blutac should not be used to fix things to walls or floors as this leaves permanent marks. The premises and the surrounding outside area of the centre will be left clean and tidy. Any litter party poppers or other rubbish must be cleaned from outside areas. Please check the toilet areas. All rubbish is to be put into big rubbish bags. Cleaning equipment will be found in the cupboard in the lobby.  Please read the manual before using any products.. Any damages should be reported to the person on duty and you will be liable to repay any damage up to and in excess of the deposit amount.
  6. Smoking or the use of drugs is not permitted on the premises.
  7. The hirer shall be responsible for obtaining any local authority or other licences necessary in connection with the booking, other than those (if any) already held by the Engine Room. If the function is a public one, and the hirer is to provide entertainment of any kind an Occasional Public Entertainment License must be obtained from the London Borough of Haringey Legal Department (020 8489 1000) and presented to the person nominated by the Engine Room (usually the centre Manager) at least 72 hours before the start of the function. The Engine Room do not permit the sale of alcohol on its premises.
  8. The hirer should make themselves aware of procedures in case of fire and first aid. Instructions are displayed in the lobby area
  9. To ensure that all persons using the premises are aware of the site of fire appliances and emergency exits and there is a clear walk through the centre to ensure a clear exit in case of fire. The main entrance is your only fire exit. The hirer should ensure that the fire apparatus of the premises are not interfered with in any way and that emergency exits are not obstructed.
  10. The hirer shall be responsible for making adequate arrangements to insure against any third party claims, which may lie against the hirer or his/her organisation whilst using the hall.
  11. The hirer shall be responsible for the observance of all regulations affecting the premises imposed by the Licensing Justices, the Fire Authority, the Local Authority or otherwise.
  12. The hirer will read and comply with the health and safety policy and procedures which are annexed to this agreement and will make all those who come to the hall during their period of hire aware of them.
  13. The Engine Room accepts no liability for the quality or wholesomeness of any food or drink prepared or served by the hirer or any caterer employed by the hirer on the premises. No electrical catering equipment should be brought onto the premises including drinks machines or chip fryers should be used anywhere on the premises at any time. The Engine Room expects all those serving food to comply with the recognised standards of food hygiene. In the event of there being any prosecution arising from any breach of hygiene standards the hirer is to be held liable. 
  14. The hirer shall not sublet the hall/space hired
  15. The hirer shall not use the hall for any unlawful purpose or in any unlawful way or do anything or bring to the hall anything, which may endanger the hall, their users, or any insurance policies relating thereto.
  16. Intimidation or violence towards any member of St Francis at the Engine Room or the Hale Village team will not be tolerated and police will be called. Parking is payable 24 hours a day and is not subject to negotiation. Cars which have not paid for parking will have fines issued against them.
  17. The hirer shall indemnify the Engine Room in respect of the cost of repair of any damage done to any part of the hall including the curtilage thereof or the contents of the building during or as a result of a booking and in respect of any liability to third parties or otherwise arising out of the use of the premises pursuant to the booking.
  18. The hirer shall if selling goods on the premises, comply with all relevant fair-trading laws and any local code of practice issued in connection with such sales.
  19. The hirer acknowledges that no tenancy is intended to be created between the Engine Room and the Hirer and no relationship of landlord and tenant exists between them.
  20. St Francis at the Engine Room will not be responsible or liable for any damage to, or loss of property brought onto, or left on the premises by the hirer or any other person. Any property found on our premises will be kept for 2 weeks and will be disposed of afterwards.
  21. No public announcement of any function proposed to be held in the centre shall be made until a booking for hire of the premises has been confirmed by St Francis at the Engine Room.
  22. Parking should only take place in designated pay and display car parking spaces or in the car park adjacent to the Health Centre. Any fines issued are the sole liability of the vehicle owner. Rubbish should not be left in the car park or any other external areas. If this does happen, deposits will not be returned. 
  23. The premises should be left secure. Please check all windows. PLEASE READ THE CONDITIONS FOR HIRE AND SIGN.

Rules for use of the Engine Room

  1. The Person named above, who has signed this agreement, shall be present in the hall at all times during the period for which they have hired the premises.
  2. The Hall is in a good state of repair. Any damage caused during a hire period must be paid for by the hirer. If requested by the hirer, prior to the commencement of the period of hire the Hirer and a representative of the Engine Room will inspect the premises together and agree on existing damage and cleanliness. It shall be the responsibility of the Hirer to mention any damages at this meeting, and to ensure that they are written down and signed in duplicate. 
  3. If after the hire period, in the opinion of the representative of the Engine Room, damage has been caused which requires repair or the hall left in such a state as to require cleaning, the Engine Room will deduct this charge from deposit paid. If the deposit paid is insufficient to cover costs incurred, further reimbursement will be sought from the Hirer.
  4. In the event of disagreements the decision of the representative of the Engine Room will be final. If an agreed written statement of prior damages was made it shall be used. In the event of disagreements over this document the staff member’s copy shall be accepted as definitive. The decision of the representative of the Engine Room will be final in determining the nature of damage and/or the need for the hall to be cleaned.
  5. The Engine Room requires that all repair works and cleaning be undertaken by its own contractors or employees.
  6. Heavy equipment must be CARRIED at all times to avoid damage to floors. Small bouncy castles (max 12 foot x 12 foot) will only be allowed in the large hall (on the marble foor area not on the wooden floor) or garden area with proper adult supervision in place. Full public liability insurance cover must be arranged by the hirer.
  7. The hall must be left clean and tidy as found. All tables and chairs to be stacked away as at start of booking. 
  8. No religious worship of any kind may take place in the Engine Room centre hire spaces unless sponsored and agreed by The Engine Room. 
  9. No Political campaigning is to take place at the halls. Other forms of political use should be referred to the staff before a booking is finalised. 
  10. Any proposed use of the halls, which seems to the representative of The Engine Room taking the booking to raise an Ethical issue is to be referred to the Vicar before a booking is finalised. He may refer to the Parish Council before making a final decision.
  11. The Hirer must ensure that all fire appliances and fire exits are kept free from obstruction and ensure that free passage is maintained through all rooms, and that all fire doors are left unobstructed and free to close as designed.
  12. The hirer accepts full responsibility for ensuring that the number of persons attending the function shall not exceed the numbers permitted for the accommodation as set out below. Once the permitted number is reached the hirer must take immediate steps to close the doors and not allow any other persons to enter. The hirer must also inform all persons who may gather outside the premises of the position and request them to leave the area. The hirer will take proper steps to control admittance of invited guests only, to any function to which a hiring agreement applies and to ensure there is no intrusion or hindrance to any other event or function taking place elsewhere in The Engine Room.
  13. If an accident takes place during a hire period it is the responsibility of the Hirer to take full written notes and statements as necessary and pass the information to the incumbent via the parish office to be entered into the incident book.
  14. The authorised representatives of The Engine Room, and the authorised representatives of statutory bodies shall be entitled to enter any part of the halls at all times.
  15. No function may continue after the time it is contracted to end. All functions will end by 10.00pm with music turned off at 9.30pm.
  16. No loud music can be played. To ensure that no music is played on the premises a maximum permissable volume of 90 dcb is in place. After 9.30pm all music must be turned off as we are in a residential areaThe Engine Room staff reserve the right to turn off PA systems and cancel events. No refunds will be claimable and deposits will not be returned. Engine Room staff will monitor event noise levels.  Any music played at a volume which may disturb local residents may result in a hirer’s deposit being retained and any further hires being refused.
  17. The hiring of the Engine Room is not to be construed as approval or otherwise by the Engine Room of the aims, objectives, beliefs or practices of any other group or individual.

Appendix 1

Statement to be agreed by outside bodies and individuals working with children and young people.

This organisation

Confirms it is familiar with the Home Office Code of practice Safe from Harm, and with the London Diocesan Child Protection Guidelines. It understands these policies and procedures and undertakes to follow their recommendations in relation to work with children and young people. 

SIGNED by the person named in the hiring agreement, on behalf of the Hirer.

Appendix 2

Statement of equal opportunities.

The Halls managed by The Engine Room are managed for the community by the Parochial Church Council of St Francis Church at The Engine Room. We seek to foster and pursue equal opportunities in all aspects of the management of the halls. The Engine Room recognises that in society certain groups and individuals suffer from unfair discrimination. The Engine Room seeks to uphold the spirit as well as the letter of equal opportunities. All users of the Hall are expected to maintain a commitment to equal opportunities in the conduct of their activities.

Appendix 3 

Health and Safety


The Engine Room is committed to ensuring the well-being of all those who work in, use or visit its premises as well as to the community in which we hire.  We seek your co-operation in complying with the arrangements described. A copy of the full Health and Safety Policy is available on request, as are copies of electricity safety certificates, CORGI certificates, Fire extinguisher certificates.                   


  1. Fire fighting equipment is provided in all rooms, labelled with reflective signage to comply with the relevant British Standards. Please ensure that on entering the hall you familiarise yourself with the location of the equipment and its operation and make sure your guests / clients / other users are also aware.
  2. Fire exits are similarly marked to all spaces.
  3. Please ensure that on entering the hall you familiarise yourself with the location of the fire exits and make sure your guests / clients / other users are also aware. 
  4. A fire alarm system is provided.
  5. The building is fitted with heat and smoke detectors.
  6. The risk assessment shows that the hall is safe to use for its design numbers viz:
    1. Large Hall 100 persons 
    1. Small Hall 50 persons 

    1. Learning workshop 20 persons

You must ensure that these numbers are not exceeded and take steps to monitor numbers, for instance by issuing tickets if necessary. 

  • Notices are sited near all fire exits and fire equipment stating what to do in the event of an emergency. Please ensure that on entering the hall you familiarise yourself with the location of the fire exits and make sure your guests / clients / other users are also aware.

First Aid

  1. At the Engine Room, First Aid point is provided in the Kitchen (box mounted to the wall). Please note: it is the responsibility of the nominated person for every user group to provide First Aid items for their own use and put them at the designated First Aid points for the duration of their group’s occupancy. This is clearly stated in the terms and conditions of hire. 
  2. In the kitchens of all the halls a First Aid kit for 10 persons is provided. Users should check before beginning their function that the kits are stocked.
  3. Users who require the presence of a qualified First Aider should ensure that they have provided someone.


All Chemicals must be safely stored away from children and food.


  1. Any user who observes any hazard which may have arisen should inform the Engine Room at once by telephoning 020 8808 5490 or 07957 193922
  2. No work at height, with heat or other equipment is to be used unless those who undertake it are authorised and properly trained. 

Fire Doors

  1. All Fire exit doors must be kept clear at all times.
  2. Doors marked “Only to be opened in an Emergency” must not be opened unless there is an emergency.
  3. All doors marked “to be kept locked shut” must be locked during all functions.


  1. An accident book is kept in the office. As soon as possible after an accident make notes of what occurred. It is the responsibility of the hirer to take full written notes and statements as necessary and pass the information to Engine Room staff. 

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